Fabulight is the only Cordless, Rechargeable, Compact, Selfie Light! Don't settle for a Ring Light!


Fabulight Influencer Light Kit is the only portable, rechargeable, cordless lighting solution that is a must-have for everyone. Engineered to offer LED illumination that provides professional lighting for optimal direct light, eliminating shadows, and adjustable settings for brightness, color temperature, and light functionality. The adjustable brightness settings help take away all the unflattering shadows, and with 3 lighting mode colors of warm, cool, daylight, you can create a mood lighting atmosphere. Fabulight’s custom adjustable Aluminum tripod is portable and can be used for a selfie, desktop stand, or on the floor. Its foldable design was created for ease of use and portability and comes with a carrying case and sleeve. The accompanying device holder was specially designed to hold Ipads, iPhones and is compatible with most smartphones and cameras. Fabulight’s rechargeable battery enables 8 hours of uninterrupted on-the-go filming. With a wireless remote, you can easily control the Fabulight for any portable/temporary lighting situation or for taking selfies. Fabulight is easy to operate, making it the right choice for all of your recording needs. Secure your smartphone, iPad, or camera to the tripod and device holder to adjust brightness and color temperature from the remote control and begin recording. The Fabulight Influencer Kit comes with three (3) Fabulights, two (2) 6-foot tripod, one (1) 6-Inch Tripod, seven (7) Phone holders and three (3) Charging cables.


What’s Included

(3) Fabulights

(2) 6-foot tripod

(1) 6-Inch Tripod

(7) Phone holders

(3) Charging cables

Fabulight - Influencer Kit